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Why a woman feels that she gives more to his man than what his man gives her?

If we lower our expectation levels, we might be able to see the efforts they make for us.

A woman generally thinks that her man does not love her to the extent she loves him. Almost every second woman feels this. The question is why?

Every man wants to keep his lady happy and satisfied.  Almost every woman will deny this but it is a fact. A man tries a lot for this, but there are things hard for him to understand. And being a woman, it’s hard to realize his efforts. Why? Because we expect a lot! If we lower our expectation levels, we might be able to see the efforts they make for us.

It’s hardest thing for a man to show love. And most of the times, they don’t understand how to express that. And just because of this, we cannot blame them that they do not love up to the mark. Actually this thinking of loving up to the mark is faulty, as there is no such mark. It’s just our own theory. A man thinks that you understand his unspoken words. You feel his love even when he does not express you the same in proper words. They find it hard to speak of their emotions in words. Yes, this is absolutely true. And when you complain a lot, you make it even more difficult for him to speak up.

Men don’t find words so important but women do. Even if he plans a day with you, spends that complete day with you, still you want to know in words whether he’s actually happy with you! Seriously!!

If he had proposed you some time in past, and he talks to you every day, listens to all your stories, and even then you want to know, if he still loves you! And if he still loves you, is it the same as before or not!!

We, being woman are basically very insecure by nature. We need to be told over and over again that they still love us the same. But, men do not have any tendency to leave the woman they love. If a man really loves you, he will stay with you no matter what! And this feeling of love in his heart for you is not based on your looks! So, need not to be jealous with his beautiful friend, because love is a bond that forms between hearts, and the factors responsible are a mystery. You cannot unlock them at all. So, just don’t think of any non-sense things. He loves you, he is with you, you have opportunity to love him; these are big things. Just don’t spoil it for stupid expectations from him to over express his love.

So, in order to live happily, allow your man to be what he is!

Never complain for he didn’t call you, never fight saying he does not care, because he does care and that’s why he’s listening to you while you’re busy complaining. He loves you; that’s why he tries to keep you happy. So lady, everything you want is right here, right in front of you. You have your man who loves you more than anything and everything. You’d only be able to see if you lower your concepts of love and expectations. Then only you’d be able to understand what he is to you and how special you’re to him!

You’re perfect and he’s perfect too. Realize this and the magic will start flowing and love will start shining.



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