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Unspoken tears

The most important person of my life, my dad; is not believing me!! And this uncle coming to my home is abusing me, taking advantage of the situation. I tried to tell dad but perhaps he didn’t understand what I meant to say. Although I described the scenario, he didn’t respond. I want this hell man out of my home! My dad is taking this lightly, he thinks I’m just 14; how could I understand those things? He thinks I’m misinterpreting the situation! No, I’m not! He touches me here and there, I just hate that! It’s not normal.

He held my hand, kept it for long, rubbed it; rubbed my feet. He hugs me unnecessarily. I hate that.

Why you don’t listen to me papa? You had always been there for everything. You love me the most, I know that. You know everything what is inside my heart, without even speaking about that. I always thought you will always stay by my side. Why you’re not with me when I need you the most? I could never imagine this!

You were the reason I live for and now, when you’ve left me alone; I don’t find any reason to survive. What to live for? But I’m not going to commit a suicide; God gave me birth. He can see, what is happening to me. He will help me find a way out.

With a hope that everything will be fine, I moved on. Three years passed, I’m 17 now and the misery in my life grew way greater than what it was earlier. A few days ago, that hell man kissed my forehead and demanded a kiss! Alas! And with the mixed emotions of anger and fear, I pushed him away with my feet. I shouted to go away. He smiled and said that he knows I will. And he moved downstairs.

I could not imagine how could a man elder than my father, behave like this. He always talked about religion, study and career. Generally, we stereotype such people to be wise and make them our ideals. This criterion is wrong. One day, I decided to get rid of him in his own way. I said to him that he disturbs me a lot in studies. I’m in 12th standard; I need to work hard to get into a nice college.

He asked me that he won’t disturb me if I promise that I will do whatever he wants after my exams. I said, “Fine. Now, leave.”

He said, “Remember this.”

I said, “Okay”.

I took this lightly but when I recalled it in my mind, I realized what he was saying. He demanded a physical relationship; and the stupid me had said a YES! I cooled myself down that at least this year will pass. I’m safe till my exams and after my exams I’ll get into a college, obviously not in my home town; this way I’ll be away from this hell man and my home as well.

My exams went well. Now, there was a month gap after the result to go to college. I was worried. With the blessing of Almighty, a friend came into my life as an angel. She gave me strength to oppose that thing. She helped me realize that I’m no where wrong. And finally, that day came, when that uncle asked me, “You remember your promise?

I replied boldly, “No!

He said, “You promised. It’s wrong! You have to give me that.

My eyes confident and filled with anger, and I said, “No means NO.”

He dared not do anything. I’m no more the same girl who’s afraid of him. I can do anything to protect me, I’m ready for self-defense and I’m alert as well. I’m thankful to Almighty for sending an angelic friend to my life.

I feel peaceful. For stopping the wrong that is going on with you, you need to stand for yourself. Why you want anyone else to stand for you? Love yourself, you’re amazing and be courageous. Standing for yourself is not being selfish; it is realizing that you’re equally human.

It’s not a man who rules a lady; it’s a lady who has the power to choose her man!


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