Saturday , August 18 2018

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A Relationship begins with Devotion…..


We live in an era of relationships. Being in a relationship is a fashion today. Everyone wants to be in a relationship. You need someone to be called as your girlfriend or boyfriend. The quality of relationship does not matter much. You go with the trial and error method. A ...

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Unspoken tears


The most important person of my life, my dad; is not believing me!! And this uncle coming to my home is abusing me, taking advantage of the situation. I tried to tell dad but perhaps he didn’t understand what I meant to say. Although I described the scenario, he didn’t ...

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Can you imagine LOVE could be this much beautiful!!


Whenever I think about him, a smile starts appearing on my face. It starts blushing & many a times, I laugh aloud. Strange, but what makes me so glad? I don’t know! I wonder, what is happening to me…! He said, “I love you!” eyes in to my eyes; looking ...

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Be with yourself; forever…

dalai-lama-world-peace-4s2w - Copy

Being you is one of the most difficult things on our planet. Our society has a habit of growing in silence, since we think, “no one will accept me after knowing the truth” but the question is, “Can I accept myself with this silence?”             ...

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जियोमी रेडमी 3एस और 3एस प्राइम लॉन्च


जियोमी ने आज भारत में अपने दो नए सेट रेडमी 3एस और 3एस प्राइम को लॉन्च कर दिया है। रेडमी 3एस की कीमत ₹ 6,999 और रेडमी 3एस प्राइम की कीमत ₹ 8,999 है। जियोमी रेडमी 3एस प्राइम की बिक्री कंपनी एमआईडॉटकॉम और फ्लिपकार्ट पर 9 अगस्त से जबकि 3एस ...

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