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Order anafranil withdrawal symptoms

Adverse event events reported by at least 1 of anafranil sr patients are included.

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Bast-ding: This mdication passs intbast milk. I you a a bast-ding moth and a taking clomipamin, it may act you baby. Talk tyou doctabout whth you should continu bast-ding, whth you should gadually withdaw th mdication.

You doctmay hav suggstd this mdication conditions oth than thos listd in ths dug inomation aticls. I you hav not discussd this with you docta not su why you a taking this mdication, spak tyou docto. Dnot stop taking this mdication without consulting you docto.

Thoughts about suicid dying attmpts tcommit suicid nw wos dpssion nw wos anxity ling vy agitatd stlss panic attacks diiculty slping (insomnia) nw wos iitability acting aggssiv, bing angy, violnt acting on dangous impulss an xtm incas in activity and talking oth unusual changs in bhaviou mood.

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