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Motilium buy online uk

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To help prevent a rebound effect occurringweaning off Motilium should be done graduallyFor example one 10mg dose can be stopped every 4 to 5 daysIf milk supply continues to be sufficientanother 10 mg dose can be stoppedThis can be continued until the final does is takenas long as there has been no decrease in milk supply or baby weight gain.

Each film-coated tablet contains domperidone maleate 12.72 mg equivalent to domperidone 10 mg.

Although neurological side effects are raresee section 4.8the risk of neurological side effects is higher in young children since metabolic functions and the blood-brain barrier are not fully developed in the first months of lifeOverdosing may cause extrapyramidal symptoms in childrenbut other causes should be taken into consideration.

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the following things have to be considered before taking motilium.

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