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Marriage isn’t a joke! It’s one of the holiest words.

People who can’t dare to be with the one they love a lot, they justify it with the things that they are sacrificing love for family. But they don’t consider a fact that LOVE creates FAMILY!

Sacrificing love because your family will feel good about it and then, so unfair with the person you get married and way more unfair with the one you left with a broken heart. You can’t be true to your spouse because if you’re really in love, every instant of intimacy with your spouse will make u feel “I wish it were u!” And again you’ll tell yourself, “I did right… my family is happy...” And you learn, neither to be true to yourself nor your parents. You just assume, “life is not fair...”

And then you have kids, do you think your kids will believe in any marriage drama that you have created in your life? Why will they want to get married when they clearly feel their parents just stay in a same home, they don’t even like talking to each other! They don’t miss each other! All their father needs their mum is for food and other house hold works. All your mom stays with him is because she has no other place to go. She’s supposed to live with her husband.

And that’s why fake relationships are increasing in today’s world; because you have made marriage a drama, a joke. You have no respect for this holy word! And I’m sorry to say, but our ancestors have started this drama, since they started forced marriages.

There was a time in our country when every woman had the right to choose his bridegroom and the father of daughter agreed to the wish of his daughter. At that time, people respected marriages. How can people think that a lady can accept anyone as his lord? Is it really easy to live with any X,Y,Z person? Is it so? Romance is possible, love is not! And for God’s sake, these are different things.

So, dare to be with the one you love a lot; the one you’re comfortable with; the one who never leaves you; the one who can listen to everything you’ve to say! It’s a big thing; you can’t talk about just anything to everything to anyone. It’s that single person, who loves you for who you are; who helps you shine! The one who’s brave enough to hold your hand!

When you can’t dare like a hero, how your story will have a heroic end?

It takes courage to hold hands, exchange wedding vows and say before the world; we love each other; we wanna stay together forever……”


Love is bold.

Love dares to face whatever life has to bring.

I am not saying, “Leave your parents.” All I’m saying is “convince them until they are convinced.” Your parents are your responsibility, one must not believe in breaking families; but you should always take care of the heart you’ve kept in your heart. If you break that heart, the angelic star you love will be broken and will disappear forever. It won’t say a word, and will leave you to repent for a lifetime; which will kill you each and every day!

The one who breaks a heart is the worst on this planet. So, be careful; don’t be the one!


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