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Imuran for sale

Rheumatoid arthritis imuran is indicated for the treatment of active rheumatoid arthritis ra to reduce signs and symptoms.

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Information about Imuran.

Your white blood cell count and your weight will determine the dose that is prescribedThe starting dose is low and is slowly increasedImuran is generally taken once or twice a dayIt is available in 50 mgtabletswhich may be easily broken in half if necessary.

In cases of multiple sclerosisImuran is generally taken orallyin the form of tablets.

Lactosepregelatinised starchmaize starchstearic acidmagnesium steratepurified watermethylhydroxylpropyl cellulosepolyethylene glycol 400.

Use Imuranazathioprine tabletsas ordered by your doctorRead all information given to youFollow all instructions closely.

Cases of JC virus-associated infection resulting in progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathyPMLsometimes fatalhave been reported in patients treated with immunosuppressantsincluding ImuranRisk factors for PML include treatment with immunosuppressant therapies and impairment of immune functionConsider the diagnosis of PML in any patient presenting with new-onset neurological manifestations and consider consultation with a neurologist as clinically indicatedConsider reducing the amount of immunosuppression in patients who develop PMLIn transplant patientsconsider the risk that the reduced immunosuppression represents to the graft.

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