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Hydrochlorothiazide generic equivalent

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Information about Hydrochlorothiazide.

Before having surgerytell your doctor or dentist about all the products you useincluding prescription drugsnonprescription drugsand herbal products

If your doctor prescribes a low-salt or low-sodium dietor to eat or drink increased amounts of potassium-rich foodse.gbananasprunesraisinsand orange juicein your dietfollow these instructions carefully.

The starting dosage is 25 mg taken by mouth once per dayYour doctor may increase your dosage to 50 mg per day if your blood pressure stays high.

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in these double-blind controlled clinical trials, adverse reactions occurring in greater than 2 of subjects treated with losartan-hydrochlorothiazide and at a greater rate than placebo were back pain 2.

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