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Have strength to live your dream……

How can living for one’s own dream be considered selfish? One can fulfil whose dreams?? Obviously, one’s own dreams because we can only feel our own dream, we can only live our own dream. Then, obviously that dream has to come true.

Just because someone else cannot feel your dream or people think that your dream is unrealistic, don’t drop your dream. Have strength to keep your dream. It takes courage to follow your heart, to become a person that resides in you, to become exactly the person who you are deep in your heart.

Yes, a coward cannot follow his/her heart. Dreamers do not have time to bother about the restrictions, the family or the society. These are smaller things, but you with your dream are so very giant. Your dreams take you to a state of bliss, and there can be no restriction when one lives in bliss. Life is amazing; you’re not on this planet by chance. Why are you caught by stupid restrictions?

Imagine, this human body is precious. What can we do with our beautiful soul if we do not have this body? You can’t do anything. But, it’s more sad if you don’t do something with your beautiful soul when you have this amazing body to contain your soul. Think what we can do, think why we don’t?

The only reason is that we think we are caught in this society and relations. Think about it, can we come to this planet without a family? Obviously not!! If we arrive on this planet, we must have parents and family. There has to be a place where we will grow up and immediate environment is our society. So, that’s a means through which you arrive; that’s not a hurdle for you to live. Don’t condition your mind in a stupid way. Think about it.

So, little dreamer, don’t be afraid of anything. Little dreamer doesn’t mean you’re small in age. Little dreamer is a heart that dreams, but is afraid to share his/her dream because of others. Little dreamer can be 5, or 16, or 25, or 40, or 80; I mean anyone, because doesn’t matter how old your body is!! All that matters is that you have this body!!

Live your dream, bring out your goodness, bring out your creativity. Hurry up darling; we’re not on this planet permanent.


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