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Generic name for diflucan

During comparative clinical studies conducted in the united states, 448 patients with vaginal candidiasis were treated with diflucan, 150 mg single dose.

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Capsules contain lactose monohydratePatients with rare hereditary problems of galactose intolerancethe Lapp lactase deficiency or glucose-galactose malabsorption should not take this medicine.

SulfonylureasFluconazole has been shown to prolong the serum half-life of concomitantly administered oral sulfonylurease.gchlorpropamideglibenclamideglipizidetolbutamidein healthy volunteersFrequent monitoring of blood glucose and appropriate reduction of sulfonylurea dose is recommended during coadministration.

Your dose will depend on the infection you are treatingVaginal infections are often treated with only one pillFor other infectionsyour first dose may be a double doseCarefully follow your doctor’s instructions.

Although uncommonthis drug may make you dizzyAlcohol or marijuana can make you more dizzyDo not driveuse machineryor do anything that needs alertness until you can do it safelyLimit alcoholic beveragesTalk to your doctor if you are using marijuana.

Nauseaheadacherashvomitingabdominal paindiarrheadizzinesshepatotoxicityrareanaphylaxisexfoliative dermatitisQT prolongationTorsade de pointes.

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