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Do you think, you have the most difficult life?

Almost everyone who is in pain thinks that he/she has the most difficult life, but no, it’s not that way. It’s merely your assumption because you can only see your own difficulties. You cannot live anyone else’s life and feel what he/she feels when difficult moments come along.

For every person on this planet, his/her own difficulties are hard to deal with. Why is it this way? It’s because every person has a very own unique path of life; through which life takes him/her. But you feel it difficult because when you compare your difficulties to other person, you don’t find the same difficulties in his/her life; then you assume that “only I’m the person who is in most pain.”

No. It’s not true! I agree that your difficulties are unique because these are only meant to be a part of your life. And similarly, the other person too has difficult moments which you know or you might not know. When you don’t know the other person’s pain, you assume he/she has no pain in life. You think life is easier to him/her and unfair to you!! And when you know the other person’s pain, you either assume that pain to be greater than yours or lesser than yours. And you conclude that “some of us are lucky to have lesser pains in life than others who have a lot of it.”

No. Life is fair to everyone on this planet. It’s all about your choices and how you can see it. If we try to understand this particular thing in Indian context, it will be easier as our culture provides us with knowledge bunches in Niti shlokas that almost everyone who has gone through a high school education has learnt, but hardly bother what they have learnt.

It says that a soil has to go through a very difficult path to become an earthen pot. It has to bear the pain of being molded by the potter and then it has to bear the sunlight to dry itself to become more stronger pot than what it was earlier; but still it’s not that strong that it is supposed to be. So, it has to go through intense fire in order to become strongest. After loads of pain, the soil becomes a glorious earthen pot which is meant to contain water. With its goodness, it purifies water and cools it down and serves many.

In the very same way, our life too has many difficulties on our path of life. But, life knows well what to give you, how much pain you need to become a strong person? Life decides itself and realize that all your pain is meant to make you a calm person, it’s meant to bring goodness out of you, it’s meant to make you strong, it’s meant to make you understand that the purpose of life is to help as many people as you can without any ego. Life has made you capable, now you must use this capability to help those who need you.

And generally people stand proud of what they have faced and no one else can be that great. This thinking is wrong. You have something good to do in your present, life has made you the person it wanted you to be; now it’s up to you; you want to remain engrossed in your past struggles or you move forward and bring goodness to life. This is what life is meant to be!! Loads and loads of love……………


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  1. Its a really a good insight of a worldly concept.
    Apart from fighting one’s own problems, people also fight with their thoughts about why others have such less problems, and this actually drains out some of their positive energy.

  2. its nice to know something related to our insight ….thank you for this one …

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