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Copegus costo

If you or your sexual partner are or may be pregnant, do not take copegus, and contact your doctor immediately.

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Information about Copegus.

CoPegus comes in a tabletCoPegus should be taken with foodDepending on the genotypestrainof HCVit is taken for 24 or 48 weeks1.

We also found significantly higher response rates in nonresponder patients without cirrhosis compared to cirrhotic patients33versus 11This difference was not observed in relapsers48versus 50in whom histological diagnosis seemed not to influence treatment outcomeFurthermoreonly 7of genotype 1 nonresponder patients with cirrhosis achieved SVRas compared to 50of relapser patients with the same characteristicsThereforenon-1 genotype infectionalong with a relapser state and good adherencewere the best independent predictive factors to achieve an SVR in our studyPretreatment serum HCV RNA levels were not available for every patientWe observed a higher rate of SVR71in relapser patients with low baseline serum HCV RNA levelswhen compared to patients with high baseline serum HCV RNA levels37although there were few patients with such characteristics in our studyIndeedthis group of patients had a better chance to respond to their first course of antiviral therapySurprisinglyin the group of nonresponder patientsbaseline viral load did not influence the outcome and SVR rates were identical in low and high baseline serum HCV RNA21patientsSample size error must be considered as an explanation for these unexpected results.

PatientsOne hundred and thirty-four patients from 20 to 71 years old with chronic hepatitis C who had previously received one course of conventional IFN3-6 MU tiwplus ribavirin800-1200 mg qdfor at least 24 weeks were considered eligible for this studyAmong these97 patients never achieved undetectable HCV RNA levelsqualitative PCR testingduring the first treatmentnonrespondersgroup Aand 37 patients showed undetectable HCV RNA during the first therapy but became HCV RNA positive after discontinuing medicationrelapsersgroup BAt the baselinethe patients were HCV RNA positivehad elevated ALTdefined as ALT above the upper limit of normaland had a liver biopsy consistent with chronic hepatitis CExclusion criteria were previous course of conventional IFN monotherapyage below 18 yearsHBV or HIV virus infectionplatelet count 3neutrophil count 3 and hemoglobin levels 40 yearsviral load800.000 IU versus800.000 IUhistological statusno cirrhosis vs cirrhosisHCV genotype1 and 4 versus 2 and 3and adherenceadherent versus nonadherentAn exact 95confidence interval from the binomial distribution was determined for each prognostic variable.

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do not consume alcohol while using copegus.

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