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Cheap flagyl pills

When taking flagyl, it is important to not take less than prescribed or stop taking the medication prior to the recommended end-date.

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Information about Flagyl.

Anaerobic InfectionsTreatment of infections in which anaerobic bacteria have been identified or are suspected as pathogensparticularly Bacteroides fragilis and other species of bacteroidesand other species such as fusobacteriaeubacteriaclostridia and anaerobic streptococciFlagyl has been used successfully in septicaemiabacteraemiabrain abscessnecrotising pneumoniaosteomyelitispuerperal sepsispelvic abscesspelvic cellulitispostoperative wound infectionsNoteMetronidazole is inactive against aerobic and facultative anaerobic bacteriaOther IndicationsOral treatment of urogenital trichomoniasis in the femaletrichomonal vaginitisand in the maleand for the treatment of bacterial vaginosisThe male consort of females suffering from urogenital trichomoniasis should be treated concurrentlyall forms of amoebiasisintestinal and extraintestinal disease and that of symptomless cyst passersgiardiasisacute ulcerative gingivitis.

In patients with trichomoniasisFLAGYL Tablets is contraindicated during the first trimester of pregnancysee PRECAUTIONS

Remove the suppository from its wrappingUsing your fingergently push the suppository into your back passage as far as possiblepointed end firstMany people find that inserting a suppository is easier if they squat or bend forwardRemain still for a few moments to help you to hold the suppository in placeWash your hands.

FLAGYLmetronidazoletablets contain 250 mg or 500 mg of metronidazoleInactive ingredients include celluloseFD&C Blue No2 Lakehydroxypropyl cellulosehypromellosepolyethylene glycolstearic acidand titanium dioxide.

This medication may cause your urine to turn darker in colorThis effect is harmless and will disappear when the medication is stopped.

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flagyl is an antibiotic effective against anaerobic bacteria and certain parasites.

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