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Can you imagine LOVE could be this much beautiful!!

Whenever I think about him, a smile starts appearing on my face. It starts blushing & many a times, I laugh aloud. Strange, but what makes me so glad? I don’t know! I wonder, what is happening to me…!

He said, “I love you!” eyes in to my eyes; looking bravely to me. He put his right hand over my waist, wrapped it & pushed me to him. Then with the left hand put my hairs back & held me to kiss… I moved my head down even when I was waiting for this day to come. He asked me, “Did I do something wrong?”

I replied, “Absolutely not! But, I am a spiritual person & I don’t believe a physical relation to be right before marriage.”

He said, “Does marriage proves that I love you?

I replied (laughing a little), “Well, no but yes. One thing I believe is that it takes courage to hold hands, exchange wedding vows & say before the world that we love each other & wanna stay together forever. And the other thing is that God has given us everything, so why we not live it in a way to which no one can question our love. Love should remain a holy thing. I don’t want anyone to curse my love. We know well, how sacred it is! The way we feel for each other. I want everyone to feel this holiness in a land where no one touches true love. I want this love to shine…. Help me with this!”

He loosened his grip on me, looked at me smiling & said, “Anything for you, princess…!

I replied with attitude, “Well, loved to hear that…!

To be kissed by the one who means like a world to you is like a dream come true to a lady; but when he doesn’t kiss you, knowing you want it, he wants it; just for the sake of you; then that love touches your soul and you feel the magic this one holy word “LOVE” has……!!


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