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Buy indinavir side

Indinavir is an antiviral medication in a group of hiv medicines called protease inhibitors.

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Information about Indinavir.

Pain in your side or lower backblood in your urinepale skineasy bruising or bleedingconfusion or weaknesssigns of a new infectionsuch as fever or chillscoughor flu symptomsrapid heart rateincreased sweatingtremors in your handsanxietyfeeling irritablesleep problems.

Clinically significant adverse reactionspotentially leading to severelife-threateningor fatal events from greater exposures of concomitant medicationsClinically significant adverse reactions from greater exposures of CRIXIVANLoss of therapeutic effect of CRIXIVAN and possible development of resistance.

Urogenital Systemnephrolithiasis/urolithiasisin some cases resulting in renal insufficiency or acute renal failurepyelonephritis with or without bacteremiasee WARNINGSinterstitial nephritis sometimes with indinavir crystal depositsin some patientsthe interstitial nephritis did not resolve following discontinuation of CRIXIVANrenal insufficiencyrenal failureleukocyturiasee PRECAUTIONScrystalluriadysuria.

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it is possible that indinavir could become available sooner or later, depending on fda approval, other patents, and whether any manufacturers decide to make a generic version of crixivan.

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