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5 Social media etiquette of all time


         We live in a generation where social media has become an essential part of our day to day life. In Social media there are certain etiquette which we have to follow because nowadays ones social media profile can be very troublesome. Here are some basic social media etiquette which one should not do to prevent himself from being a social media jerk.

 Posting that someone is going on vacation or a business trip

It might seem full of fun, but you are letting criminals know when to rob that person’s house. Let the person control his own destiny and silently be a part of their happy times instead of becoming the lead in their worst nightmare.

 Apologizing to a specific person

Apologizing on social media looks lame. Apologies are fine when they are in person or even by email or Direct Message but apologizing publicly only create a buzz about you which has no good to the person you are apologizing. As a public post, it looks like a publicity stunt done by you to create a buzz about you and nothing else.

 Doctoring a photo

OK, it was funny when you were kid, but doctoring a photo and posting it on social media is not a good idea. Once again, there’s no way to know if the person you are “doctoring” will think those chubby cheeks are cute or insulting. And, there’s no way to control how it is forwarded and how that person takes that picture.

 Complaining about a specific person

Save that @ symbol for other things on your social media account. Don’t call someone out in public if you have some issues with an individual deal with him personally. Complaining about that person on social media is not a good option as that person can find it offensive.

Linking to inappropriate or crude content

Be careful, because the person clicking might not have any idea about your like or dislike and as far as if someone’s concern is important then surely it’s not yours it’s his concern. So be double sure about what you are writing in the comment section because you comment can hurt the other person.




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